The Happiness Project

Do you know the colour of happiness?

Have ever seen the face of happiness?

Any idea of what kind of a person s/he is?

Talking about images and reality, we digressed into an essay on Happiness. For us, eleven of this batch, Happiness meant different things. When we tried to explore our way of trying to look at the face of happiness, or rather filter out the colour of it, we were perplexed. We were not able to zero in on a single statement of happiness. Instead, we made eleven statements on our own happiness.

We are still exploring it.

PlayStations !

PlayStations !

The real happiness for village kids is not about binding on play-stations or mobile phones. Swings and handmade toys are the actually the real perks of childhood.

Image by Nancy Dutta, 2nd Sem JCW

Dream high

second name of happiness

Happiness is the phase of childhood. Childhood is the most innocent possession of life when one is completely oblivious of worries and realities of the world.

Image by Diksha Sharma, 2nd Sem JCW


The Colour of Happiness

Spring is the season which stands as the symbol of rejuvenation and happiness after the cold winters. Yellow is the colour of Spring as the mustard flowers ripen during this season. For Sunil Kumar Mishra, happiness is watching this little kid plucking these yellow mustard flowers.

Image by Sunil Kumar Mishra, 2nd Sem JCW

Adorable 🙂

Cute Baby

A baby has a special way of adding joy in every single day.

Image by Kusum Sharma, 2nd Sem JCW

Journey from SOULS to SOULMATES

Smile shows Happiness

A new beginning–a time to celebrate the beauty, the gift and the blessing of enduring love.

Image by Yaseer Ayaz, 2nd Sem JCW


bhangra means full masti

Everyone is well known about the kind of zeal and enthusiasm of Bhangra and performing it on a festival of holy add colors to the festival. Happiness is watching men of different cultures uniting together to perform Bhangra.

Image by Varsha Thakur, 2nd sem JCW

Basking in the soothing sun

Basking in the soothing sun

A little sunshine hurts nobody. The dog was fully enjoying the warmth of the winter sun and welcomes it with his eyes closed. Happiness is enjoying the warmth of winter sun.

Image taken by Akriti Mahajan, 2nd Sem JCW

Feathery joy

White Diamond

Snowfall in Kullu is the symbol of happiness and vegetation of fruits like apple and plum. People wait for snowfall throughout the year and celebrate the time of snowfall as it is symbolized with new beginnings.

Image by Pooja Thakur, 2nd Sem JCW

Rise up !

The Winters light

The sun rays of the sun after long hours of raining brings joy and warmth.

Image by Anu Sharma, 2nd Sem JCW

Relaxed !

Happiness is witnessing sunset after a hectic day in college

Happiness is relaxing after a hectic day in college and witnessing the setting sun.

Image by Raja Babu, 2nd Sem JCW


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